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Enabling Technology for Tomorrow’s Demands

From Quanex at GlassBuild 2019

Left: Joe Erb; right: Eric Thompson

Energy performance is increasingly one of the top concerns for both new residential and commercial construction all over the world. You may have seen some recent reports out of California and New York targeting some of the most ambitious energy goals in the world, striving for net-zero energy in the very near future. Elsewhere across the globe, building standards like Passive House are gaining increased traction.

New demands for heightened energy performance will only grow stronger in the coming years. How can the fenestration industry ensure that windows and glass continue to play a vital role, delivering occupancy comfort while meeting the toughest energy demands?

Find out at GlassBuild 2019, where you can be sure to find innovative, high-performance technology for thermal demands and beyond at the Quanex Building Products booth #2517. We’re bringing our full range of components for residential and commercial windows, doors and insulating glass to the show, including the industry’s leading warm-edge spacer and vinyl profile technology.

We’re particularly excited to celebrate a couple of special anniversaries at the booth in 2019. Super Spacer®, the leading warm-edge spacer for IG, is celebrating 30 years of proven field performance this year, and Mikron® vinyl systems is celebrating 50 years of service to the industry.

We’re proud of these anniversaries not just because they help us appreciate where we’ve been—it’s about where we’re headed, too. In an industry that continues to demand higher performance, longevity and experience in some of the world’s toughest applications matter. And we’re proud to offer each of those qualities to our customers.

Both Super Spacer and Mikron® technology have been incorporated into boundary-pushing fenestration applications throughout their histories, and they’re more relevant than ever for today’s evolving performance demands. In new commercial applications, for instance, high-performance Mikron® framing provides a viable option to traditional thermally broken metallic framing to meet stringent energy performance requirements under evolving codes and standards while allowing design professionals to keep greater window-to-wall ratios. Proven warm-edge Super Spacer technology can push performance even further while delivering automated manufacturing efficiencies and superior quality and reliability.

Meanwhile, emerging technology is helping windows, doors and glass deliver performance beyond thermal requirements. Acoustic performance is an increasing concern among builders seeking to create the ultimate in indoor comfort, especially in urban infill developments. This can be accomplished with PVC framing design or unique glazing solutions (asymmetric triples, skinny triples, laminates, warm-edge spacers, etc.). PVC hurricane- and impact-rated products are also being more widely specified and used, especially in regions where corrosion from salt spray is a concern. Electrochromic “smart” glass usage is on the rise with demonstrated success in delivering occupancy comfort and reduced glare using these adaptive technologies. 

How to bring all of it together? Visit Quanex Booth #2517 at GlassBuild this year and find out. We can’t wait to show you how we’re working to help fenestration professionals continue delivering efficient, effective solutions for the future.

Eric Thompson, commercial sales manager, and Joe Erb, product commercial sales specialist, are with Quanex Building Products.