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The Important Conversations at GlassBuild America

After two decades as a manufacturers representative, (agency), my wife, Carolyn and I decided to evolve these earlier efforts toward one with more control for better customer service. So, in 1996 we formed International Glass Equipment (IGE) and became exclusive distributors for several glass working manufacturers with which we remain today. One of our big approaches to help sell our services was to always take a major role at GlassBuild America.

GlassBuild is a great way for people to find what they need to improve their bottom line. We believe when someone comes into the IGE pavilion that we are there to provide him or her with the options and opportunities to do just that. We constantly scour the world, but once a year we stay put and allow the world to come to us.

Each year we have people who will ask about what is the latest in innovation and technology. Because we take such a prominent role at GlassBuild, we have to be ready to deliver. In 2019 we’ll once again have many pieces of featured machinery that will truly make a massive difference in the glass fabricator's bottom line. 

A lot of conversations will take place on the GlassBuild floor, including at our pavilion where:

  • We’ll be talking about the glass industry moving towards more heavy fabrication, and the innovation here is a difference maker. We have the Forvet brand, which features highly specialized machines designed to solve some of the unique problems facing today’s glass fabricators, including rapid and precise drilling and milling and edge processing.
  • We’ll be talking about energy and VIG, those magical three letters that stand for Vacuum Insulating Glass, and the performance that they deliver is a seismic jump on past technologies.
  • We’ll be talking about decorative glass being a growing segment. Thanks to the interior and division 10 space, attendees will now be able to learn about machines like Tecglass, known for the fastest, most complete digital glass printers on the market today.

This is just a selection of what goes on in our exhibit and on the entire floor, thanks to hundreds of other exhibitors. No matter if you are a traditional glass fabricator, a glass shop, a window manufacturer, a door dealer, a glazier, or a component supplier, there is something for you. In fact there is something for everyone that has a connection to the glass, window, and door industry.

At IGE we will always have that passion to advance and improve the industry, and we’ll always want to share whatever we have gained during the three days of the show. This is where the conversation begins for the industry, and we look forward to being front and center, as always, to drive that dialogue.

See you at our pavilion in exhibit #1734. We hope you’ll stop by and see us as well as all of the other fabulous companies on the floor in Atlanta this September.

Michael Spellman is the founder and CEO of IGE Glass Technologies.