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Embrace Change

Keep up to date with next-generation industry innovations at GlassBuild America

Former Chrysler executive Lee Iacocca once said, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” In today’s quickly changing glass and glazing industry, this saying rings true. Change is inevitable, and we need to embrace it. 

The industry has become tech driven. Current energy code requirements have fostered product development of both coated glass products and glazing systems. Commercial buildings are 43 percent more energy efficient today compared to when energy codes were originally introduced back in 1976. No longer are commercial buildings considered energy hogs.

Looking ahead, there will be a greater emphasis on warm-edge insulating glass technology, argon gas filling, fourth surface low-emissivity coatings and improvements in thermally broken glazing system technology. Coated glass products, glazing systems and sealants will continue to improve to meet ever-changing energy requirements that demand new product development. 

The march toward net zero commercial construction by 2030 continues. The system’s approach for glass and glazing products will continue to result in new developments being brought to the market at a record pace. 

These trends bring challenges, as they will require more sophisticated fabrication equipment and handling techniques. They also represent opportunities as they are all value-add items. 

How can the design, fabricator and installing community stay on-point and up to date? An important way to embrace change and learn about essential developments in the industry is attending events such as GlassBuild America. 

At GlassBuild America, suppliers from all over the world come together to display the latest and greatest technologies and cutting-edge products currently available or that will soon become available. The show’s educational program exposes attendees to various experts in their respective fields who present information on everything from market forecast information to energy code updates to problem-solving techniques to improve efficiency. Such events provide glass industry-related insight that is crucial to personal and professional success.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the commercial construction market. There is absolutely no way I could stay remotely current without our industry programs and events. 

Gregory A. Oehlers is executive director, architectural sales for Tristar Glass Inc.