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Walk the Walk

Walk the walk.

GlassBuild America takes place next week in Atlanta, GA. If you’ve seen or spoken with me at any point over the last three months, this shouldn’t come as news to you. And while I’ve likely told you “why” you should go to GlassBuild, this message is personal.

I’ve been to GlassBuild for the last 10 years. I’ve been there as an exhibitor, as an attendee, and now—for the first time—as a show organizer. I’ve been on my company’s dime and my own. I’ve seen this event from more angles than most, and I come back. EVERY. YEAR. GlassBuild has consistently proven to be that important to the glass and fenestration industries, my company’s interests, and my personal development and career.

Everyone has their own experiences, and my perspective is just that: mine. But I can tell you that I’ve formed relationships and contracts with countless new suppliers and vendors at GlassBuild. I’ve launched dozens of new products to existing and new customers at GlassBuild. I’ve cemented and saved long-term business agreements over GlassBuild dinners. I’ve hired people at GlassBuild. I’ve had multiple job offers at GlassBuild. I’ve presented and demonstrated at GlassBuild. I’ve attended educational sessions at GlassBuild. Business happens at GlassBuild.

We all talk about supporting this industry; we talk about glass being the building material of choice; and we talk about investing in our respective businesses and people. Now it’s time to walk the walk: If you’re committed to growing yourself, your company, and the glass and fenestration industries, you’ll go to GlassBuild America. I booked my flight today for cheaper than it would have been a month ago; there are flights to Atlanta all day and night, every day and night. And if you’re still on the fence, I’ll have you as my guest with a free pass. You’re all out of reasons to say no. It’s time to walk the walk. Safe travels.

Andrew Haring is Vice President of Business Development at the National Glass Association.